CASH L3WIS: born Winston Kenneth Nathanial Johnson on July 1, 1991 in Los Angeles CA is an American rapper/song-writer. Growing up, CASH L3WIS faced many obstacles that sculpted him into the person he is today. He lost his father at a very young age which forced him to become the man of the house as a child. This unfortunate incident only made CASH stronger, because it forced him to be self reliant and gave him the determination to succeed. He was tired of bottling up the negativity that seemed to surround him in life so he turned to music to express his emotions. He began writing music at a very young age, and it went from a hobby, to a passion, to something he loves & could never let diminish.

CASH L3WIS was formerly known as H2O which stood for “Hard 2 Obtain”, and later was changed to “Cash Lewis” due to possible copyright infringement. Unfortunately due to more copyright issues the name was changed once again from Cash Lewis to CASH L3WIS where the “E” was changed to a “3” and copy-written. Therefore, the name CASH L3WIS was born. Lewis was an acronym for Lord Extends Winston In Sound, but now with the 3 in place of the E it would look something like this. Lord 3xtends Winston In Sound. One of his very close friends came up with the name during their Junior year of high school because he said Quote: “you are incredibly talented with your vocal delivery and have the ability to change lives. Music is your gift. Your God given gift.” The name CASH was chosen with the thought of currency being a symbol of success. CASH L3WIS is a giving person and strives to make everyone around him grow, but still has a keen sense for piggy-backers which he has zero tolerance for. This is why he will do everything in his power to succeed. “I want to see my family and close friends living comfortably” he says. “I want to speak to people who have no one else”.

After his father passed away they moved from the southern California area to Rocklin, CA. When they moved there CASH L3WIS was going to school, dealing with intense family issues, and handling his music business on the side. He was exposed to many drugs, gangs, and violence, but stayed away from all of it. Some kids resort to drugs and violence when things go wrong in their life, but CASH L3WIS turned to music. He was an independent rapper doing everything from production, to writing, to engineering and rapping on his own projects and After a while, he joined a group called the Looney Boyz. However, within a year they split up and went separate ways.
Sometimes artists sing about whatever people want to hear and what brings in the money. However, CASH L3WIS is different. He sings off raw emotion and real events that fuel his creativity, & still seems to create music people want to hear. He writes all of his own lyrics based on the events that go on in day to day life and has a wide range of songs that go from finding love, to losing it. From feeling alive, to the harsh reality of death.


CASH L3WIS released his EP "Be Heard" on October 11th, 2012 and his follow up single "Listen To Me" ft. Avonlea Montague on March 15th, 2013. The music video for "Listen To Me" which was released on VEVO shortly after the single had racked up 250,000+ views in the first week and continues to steadily increase. On March 29th, 2013 CASH L3WIS was informed that his independent record label (ESOT3RIK Entertainment) which he began building in 2010 was nominated for "Best Independent Record Label" at the 2013 EOTM awards. He is currently working on his next studio project as well as preparing for his first US tour.